Sport's Day 2017

Measurement hunt

The students took part in a joint class activity that required them to measure the length, height and circumference of various objects around the school. The focus of the lesson related to two of our essential questions in math which are:

1. What are the different things we can measure?
2. How do we decide which tool to use to measure something?

Groups started at different points around the school and were required to be very accurate in their measurements in order to reveal a clue that would allow them to proceed to the next station. In all, there were 11 stations. With correct answer, the groups earned a letter clue which eventually spelled out the “MEASUREMENT”.
The students used excellent communicating and collaboration skills and thought critically to solve tricky problems. As a result they were all very successful in their endeavours.

When the students had unscrambled the mystery word, they reflected on their learning by discussing:
  • ways to help them measure more accurately
  • challenges they encountered
  • tool choice
  • successes they had

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