Sport's Day 2017

Fiction vs non fiction

We compared the features of fiction texts vs non fiction text.  We used this information to improve our non fiction writing.

We wrote of things we need to think about and include when we create our own non- fiction books.

Fact or Fiction

This week we have been using the internet to research our expert topics.  We realized that what we read on the internet may not always be true.

We worked in small groups to sort out facts from the internet into what we thought was fact and which was fiction.

We could not believe some of the things we read!

Place value

This week we are focusing on place value in math. We are building numbers with base 10's then drawing them on white boards and in our books.  This will help us when we begin to add two digit numbers later this week.

Nature walk

This we have been started our new unit Connections to our environment.  We unpicked what a living thing is and how we can tell that an animal for example is a living thing.  We have started a list of criteria of what makes a thing living.

We went on a nature walk to see how spot living things out and around our school area.

We are still unsure if rocks, soil and dirt are living things.  This is something we will be exploring further on this semester.

Gardenia Bread Factory

We had so much fun at the bread factory today!  Check out our pictures!

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